Artist Spotlight – Gillian Travis -Magic Carpet – Online International Art Exhibition| Addicted 2 Fabric

One of the 9 members of our Covid Creative gathering, in which we explored the topic of isolation and restrictions, is Gillian Travis.

Gillians work in the Magic Carpet international exhibition shows her love of travels. While we were meeting over “zoom” she would often tell us of the wonderful walks that she loved to take around her home and how she missed the connections to people and places from all over the world. Her piece entitled ‘Nepalese windows’ is inspired by her photo travel essays, this quilt in particular features her collection of windows and doors from her time in Nepal.

Gillian is full of energy and the liveliness of this quilt exhibits her “live a full life” attitude.

Nepalese Windows

by Gillian Travis
Nepalese Windows  Raw edged applique using plain coloured fabrics  I sat and thought about where I’d been in 2019 and where I would like to be transported on a magic carpet back to. I loved walking in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, taking photos and saying Namaste to the locals. The views were stunning, the route challenging and the colourful windows and doors inspiring   

Gillian, is a world traveller and an award winning textile artist & one of the “funnest” tutors I’ve had the pleasure of being in a workshop with. ((Yeah, yeah I know that’s not really a word, but it’s perfect!! haha)

Her website if full of colour and design and her inspiring works feature events and faces from her many overseas adventures.

Do yourself a favour and check out her work!

Here are some of her amazing quilts from her travels before covid made us stay home.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is magic-carpet-invitation-1.png

Come with us into our online gallery, Curated by Christine Seager, Present by Artspaces. Your personal invitation awaits…

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