Artist Spotlight – Christine Seager -Magic Carpet – Online International Art Exhibition| Addicted 2 Fabric

Christine is one of the 9 members of our Covid Creative gathering, in which we explored the topic of isolation and restrictions.

Christine’s work in the Magic Carpet international exhibition explores her heritage and homeland. While we were meeting over “zoom” she would quietly offer support and wise conversations, surrounded by a backdrop of books and interesting collectives. Her piece entitled ‘Zulu Trinkets’ is inspired by her birthplace in South Africa and the sights sounds and people that filled her world.

Chris is a SAQA member and co-ordinates the ‘Made in Europe’ exhibition.

Zulu Trinkets

by Christine Seager
Zulu TrinketsHand dyed fabrics, layered, stitched and reverse applique applied to top layer of orandieI was born in South Africa – place of colour, clear skies and wonderful animals. I was looked after by an amazing Zulu lady and this is a tribute to the colourful beaded bracelets she wore. My love of colour and need for bright hues probably comes from my southern Africa childhood. If travel wasn’t curtailed by the COVID virus at the moment and I could travel, would go to a country with bright sunlight and a colourful culture on my magic carpet.

Chris comes from an Embroiderers background and finds inspiration is strong colours and simple shapes. She is currently working in limited color palettes and often incorporates circles in her work.

Her website is full of shape and design and her inspiring works feature strong graphical representations.

Do yourself a favour and check out her work!


Christine Seager – Fabrications 2 2017

Check out more of her work here..

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Come with us into our online gallery, Curated by Christine Seager, Present by Artspaces. Your personal invitation awaits…

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