Ring Cycles a Jacks Chain Quilt – Lessa Siegele

Ring Cycles Faye copy

While Lessa prefers to carry on the heritage of Australia’s own historical quilting, she saw an old quilt in the USA which really appealed and has written a pattern for it.

Ring Cycles Blue

She calls this one Ring Cycles, which is based on a Jack’s Chain block with unusual colour placement.

Ring Cycles Runner  The Jacks chain hard copy pattern is available and there is now a .pdf version as well. please contact Brenda Wood at TwoSewTextiles@Yahoo.com.au who can provide the patterns to you for Lessa.

They are also listed on Etsy here: www.etsy.com/au/shop/2SewTextiles and on Craftsy
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To see the quilt Lessa reproduced from an antique quilt click here


37 thoughts on “Ring Cycles a Jacks Chain Quilt – Lessa Siegele

  1. I agree…..I would love to order the pattern also…………….love it!!!! Retirement is in three days and this one pattern is on my bucket list to do it.


  2. Like the other ladies that posted before me. I’d love to know how and where I can purchase the pattern. Love the idea of a PDF file.


  3. Hello everyone, well some progress this morning! I have spoken to Lessa who is delighted that you all like her quilts! Unfortunately she is dealing with hospitals & health at the moment. I’m happy to give you her email address, to purchase off her but she is Very old school and still uses cheques! She is a remarkable woman!
    The good news is I have convinced her to let me do the pattern in PDF! so we are going to try and get that off the ground TODAY!
    If you would like a paper pattern, she will send me some and I will process them to you.
    I have a PayPal account for payment, which will suit some more than paper cheques.
    Let me know if you’d like the paper, or the .PDF either here or by email and we will get this happening!
    Thanks for visiting my Blog!
    Brenda. Xx


  4. hi Brenda I would like to buy PDF pattern hoe much would that be please let me know ,I do have a paypal account if you can send me information and do I post my email address here


    • Hi, at the moment we are madly putting the pattern into PDF format!
      However if you want a paper pattern they are AUD$12.50 inc postage to Australia and AUD$21.00inc postage elsewhere.
      As Lessa is not very well at the moment I will be sending them out on her behalf. I will also list them on Etsy shortly.
      If you would rather not list your email on here send me a quick email at TwoSewTextiles@yahoo.com.au and I’ll be happy to action it for you.


  5. Wow! I think that I need to have this pattern. I think the PDF would be the simplest way to get it. Could you please let me know when it becomes available. I hope Lessa is feeling better soon.


  6. Would love the PDF! How do I obtain this? Going on retreat in KY in March and would love to have precut before then. Thanks for such a beautiful pattern!


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