Fabric Creation Challenge – Cracks


The next topic for our Fabric creation challenge was cracks.
I particularly like this one as it allowed me to try something I’d read about years ago, but never tried.
Starting with a Khaki homespun I drizzled a mix of flour and water in circles. The mixture was a fluid consistency, but not runny, so it held it’s place without too much movement.


When the mixture dried, about 36 hours, it left the fabric with a pebbled looking texture. The flour mix had dried and “contracted” a little so the uncoated centres of each circle were raised.
Scrunching the fabric slightly, cracked the flour mix, but left it intact on the fabric. I then brushed black acrylic ink over the whole piece.

My expectation was that the uncovered areas would be dyed black. But instead the flour mix absorbed the ink and the result was brilliant! In fact I love the back more than the front!

As per our guidelines for the challenge I had to apply yet another technique to the piece. So after removing the flour paste by softening with water then scraping it off with a soft spatula, I sprinkled bleach crystals all over the fabric. This was another technique I had heard about and wanted to try.
Unfortunately as I could not see any visible bleaching, I left the crystals on too long and I was left with holes in my fabric!
Definitely unexpected results with experimental techniques, but the result was a winner!

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