Bellbird Too! Step by Step – Finish!

I just had to share the news.

Not only did I finish Bellbird Too! (so called because the first Bellbird Art Quilt was stolen while on display..)

but it won a first prize in its category at the Queensland Quilters Show in Brisbane in 2015.

How cool is that!

Here is Bellbird 1, some process photos and details of Bellbird Too and finally the finished quilt.

Progress post part 1

To see the process posts about Bellbird’s Progression..part 2

Progress post part 3…

Part 4…

4 thoughts on “Bellbird Too! Step by Step – Finish!

  1. They are both stunning! I had no idea the first had been stolen. How terrible! But Bellbird Too is really beautiful. I love the colors and your use of words. Now I will need to go back and see your posts on how it was made!


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