Down Under Textiles – Scrap Stitching…

Do you save all of those strips off your quilting and sewing creations?  I can’t throw mine away!

in Scrap Stitching they become the perfect fodder for creating fabric which is brilliant for journal covers, cushions, couch pillows, needle cases and many more thingy things!

Down Under cover 20

My article was in Australia’s brilliant textile art magazine which unfortunately is not longer published.


In the Just A Minute Article on the last page, I show you how to use these awesome strips and combine them with machine or hand stitches that you’ve never had the opportunity to try and use those ribbons and wools that are peeking out of your stash.

Scrap Stitching by Brenda WoodIMG_0975

The end results are fun and relaxed. Use threads, ribbons, yarns, fabric strips, braids and a great range of stitches, either hand and/or machine to create wonderfully textured and coloured fabric.

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