Brisbane Quilt & Craft Fair 2013

The Quilt and Craft fair was an inaugural one for me in many ways… 

It was the first time I showed a quilt as Queensland Quilters member,


the first time I entered an Art quilt for Judging,
the first time I won a First Place prize, for Amateur Art Quilt with thanks to XLN Fabrics for their Prize
and It was the first time I had a quilt stolen off the wall, which just happened to be the one that I won the prize for!

The spot on the wall where my quilt should be !

But perhaps one of the best highlights of the show was meeting Judy Coates-Perez again after doing one of her classes! 
And to top it off my friend Sue Duffy and I feature in a photo on her blog !   feeling Chuffed !!

Highlights of the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair

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