If you are looking to challenge yourself with new techniques and create a textile art piece that you will be thrilled to show off, definitely don’t miss this month’s Workshop in a Box. As you work through the tutorials in Creative Imaginings, you’ll learn how to create an awe-inspiring piece based on the work of the fabulously talented Nikki Parmenter. Let’s dive in and meet Nikki!

Who is Nikki Parmenter?

Nikki is a textile artist from Cheshire in the UK. Her work uses an exciting variety of textiles and colours drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to create visually stunning pieces that have been displayed in exhibitions as well as in magazines. Nikki is “particularly interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual symbols to represent the things which were important to them” and her work investigates myth and legend to “draw parallels between societies, showing that although many people have different beliefs we are all united by visual iconography.”

Nikki is “particularly interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual symbols to represent the things which were important to them”

During her career as a textile artist, Nikki has developed a unique technique which fuses fabrics to create beautiful 3D objects such as birds or fish. These are embellished and painted to achieve depth and contrast in the final piece. Nikki typically uses a wide variety of media in her work including felt, fabric, threads, beads, metal, acetate, Angelina fibres, wire, hose pipe, pipe cleaners, plastics, jewellery, wood, car spray, paint, padding,  metal mesh, felt pens, paper and funky foam. However, in the Creative Imaginings workshop we will focus on designing a fish with 3D elements for you to use as an art object or incorporate into another project.

learn how to create 3D textile pieces!

Textile Techniques Featured in the Workshop

Nikki uses a technique called Plastic Entrapment. Her bold and invigorating works are multi-layered and draw the viewer in. She utilises fabrics with sheen and sheer and adds stitch and colour. Nikki’s speciality is creating subjects that rise from the background and invite the viewer closer into the art piece.

examples of Nikki’s plastic entrapment technique

By following along with the online tutorials, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve Nikki’s Plastic Entrapment technique
  • Create 3D elements and bring your pieces to life
  • Add stitch and colour to enhance your subject
  • Create subjects that will fascinate your viewers 

What is Included in the Workshop in a Box?

Creative Imaginings is just one of our Workshop in a Box series. Each workshop is taught by a different highly skilled artist and will focus on particular techniques to recreate a piece of textile art that has been created specially for the workshop. This month’s Workshop in a box is inspired by Nikki’s marine magic art piece.

“Marine Magic” by Nikki Parmenter – the inspiration for this month’s Workshop in a Box

Textile artists can have a wonderful surprise delivered to their door each month with a regular subscription. Benefits include access to a supportive community and a taster kit box of the main materials required to accomplish the technique.  You will also use items from your stash, which is great because you aren’t investing in products that you already have. Learn to use new products, as well as reinvigorate your knowledge about known products, like printable solvy, acrylic ink and inktense pencils. The subscription is a wonderful ongoing gift for a friend or family member who is passionate about textile art!

 The full workshop kits come with the main supplies* and an accompanying online tutorial that includes full instruction from the artist/teacher. You can also choose to order the tutorial only if you already own relevant supplies. 

2 Sew Textiles – Workshop in a Box – monthly subscription https://2sewtextiles.com/products/workshop-in-a-box

The courses may also be purchased as a standalone option https://2sewtextiles.com/collections/workshops 

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Workshop in a Box is run by Brenda Wood, an Australian textile artist with 20+ years of practice.. who is always still learning of course, and she curates an amazing list of tutors from all around the world.

A collage of pictures of a child and a dog

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