Textile Artists Learn New Techniques with Workshop in a Box: The Fabric Paint Palette!

Are you finding yourself stuck in a rut with your textile art? 2 Sew Textile’s Workshop in a Box craft kits are the best way to challenge yourself to learn impressive new skills and complete a beautiful project from start to finish with expert instruction. Let’s meet Kathryn Harmer Fox, the artist behind this month’s Workshop in a box!

Workshop in a Box: The Fabric Palette. Learn about how you can use fabric and textiles to paint like an artist!

Who is Kathryn Harmer Fox?

Kathryn Harmer Fox, is a vibrant and energetic artist who loves to help others find their inner artist.  She prefers that you explore your own dimensions with the tools that she shows you, instead of copying the lessons’ subject matter in a picture perfect fashion. This is because she believes that to be a true artist, “you must see when you look” and different people ‘see’ different things in nature and life.

Nature and life feature prominently in Kathryn’s work. There is often some subtle mimicry, or political stance, but more often it is the pure joy of the animals and people around her that feature in her art.

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Her art, like her enthusiasm, is not restricted to one format. She is a watercolourist and recently illustrated a children’s book, but she also paints on canvas, wood and fabric and is – along with her many other talents –  an exceptional fibre and textile artist.

Kathryn loves to include snippets of thread, fabric and netting in her projects and utilises the colours and hues of these materials in the same way a painter uses their palette. Hence the name of our Workshop in a Box lesson for May 2022: The Fabric Paint Palette!

Kathryn’s artist card is included in the box. It features a print of her spectacular rhino art constructed in fabric and thread along with her favourite quote “mistakes are the best teachers.”

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What is Workshop in a Box?

The Fabric Paint Palette is part of our Workshop in a Box series. Each box contains a craft kit with the main supplies* and an accompanying online tutorial with detailed instruction from the artist/teacher. In completing this particular class you will learn the nuances of colour, stitch and thread, and recreate Kathryn’s beautiful crouching hare – with your own personal touches of course!

I selected this wonderful piece featuring a hare as a favourite subject many months ago and have eagerly awaited the class.

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We will see that Kathryn has recreated 3 versions of the hare. Each colourway gives the subject a different contemplation.

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Where Can I Buy Workshop in a Box?

* Workshop in a box is a subscription based learning system, with monthly tutors teaching a textile technique.  A box of the main ingredients required to complete the project/technique is also supplied, but you may also choose the standalone option which includes the tutorial only if you already have the required supplies.  Order the Workshop in a box monthly subscription to receive a box right to your door every month, or order previous themed boxes (while supplies last). Workshops can be ordered with supplies or as an online tutorial only.

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Workshop in a Box is run by Brenda Wood, an Australian textile artist with 20+ years of practice who is always still learning of course, and she curates an amazing list of tutors from all around the world.

A collage of pictures of a child and a dog

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Get Started Right Now!

Set up your Workshop in a Box subscription or browse previous Workshop in a Box kits at https://2sewtextiles.com/collections/workshops.

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