How Do You Use Shiva Oil Paintstiks to Make Faux Leather?

We love our Shiva Oil paintstiks and we want to share a little secret with you! Did you know that you can use these paint sticks to make an awesome faux-leather effect? Is your mind blown right now?

Using the Shiva Oil paintstiks creates a versatile, stitchable surface that you can use to great effect as a textured background to make your focal points really stand out. Plus, this is a super quick and seriously easy technique – are you ready to learn how? Keep reading!

How to create a faux leather effect with Shiva Oil Paintstiks

How to Create a Faux Leather Effect with Shiva Oil Paintstiks 

Before you start, we recommend wearing gloves and a dust mask for this project since the tiny fibre particles that are created when crushing the paper may be irritating for your hands and it’s probably also best not to breathe that in! You may also want to seal the paper with a layer of water/PVA (in a ratio water to glue of 3:1) and let the paper dry before you attempt the project.

let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities!

You will need:

Brown paper (different thicknesses of paper will give differing effects, so experiment to your heart’s content here)

Shiva Oil Paintsticks

Optional: PVA glue, watercolour paints, inks, dye-na-flow, acrylic paint, or  lumiere 


  1. Crumple and crunch the brown paper, then open it out and re-crush it several times.
  2. Apply the paint sticks as desired.
  3. Optionally you can also mix in watercolour paints or any of the other supplies from the list above (or use your own creativity)
  4. Let the paper dry
  5. You can now use your faux leather in all your projects!

Hint: crushing the paper, after coloring, while wet, will give a result that has more ink in the crevices.

Can you believe it’s that simple? This technique also works for Rub n’Buff, wax crayons or similar. You can then embellish, cut, paste and stitch your new faux leather in whatever way you wish and add interest to your textile pieces.

Where to Buy Shiva Oil Paintstiks?

You’re in luck, because we’ve got Shiva Oil Paintstiks kits right here at 2 Sew and we ship internationally! 

Shiva Oil Paintstiks starter kits from
Get a convenient kit to get started!

These great little starter sets are an incredible value and have 3 different colours in the one pack! The kits are the perfect way to try Shiva Oil Paintstiks and see how much of a difference they make in all your projects. If you’re quick, you might even be able to get them while they’re on sale!

Shival Oil Paintstiks Starter kit from
Starter kits come with the basic colours you’ll need to begin creating amazing projects!

What have you made with your Shiva Oil Paintstiks faux leather? Share your photos in the comments! We may feature some of these on our social media.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Use Shiva Oil Paintstiks to Make Faux Leather?

  1. This technique works much better if you begin the process by using the tiniest drop of vegetable oil to your hands before beginning the crushing process. It’s a fun process. Did you know it was invented by Vicki Lugg in the late 1980s?


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