Artist Spotlight – Brenda Wood -Magic Carpet – Online International Art Exhibition| Addicted 2 Fabric

Originally from Melbourne, Brenda Wood, is one of the 9 members of the Covid Creative gathering, which explored the topics of isolation and restriction, during the “staged” lives we led in the beginning of 2020. Artists relating to each other under different stages of lockdown, gathered online to compare freedoms and impositions, relaying the differences to each other under stage 2, 3 or stage 4 restrictions. They devised a challenge to envisage a Magic Carpet to lift these restrictions emotionally.

Brenda felt that her life had not changed much during her restrictions. Busier than ever she became heavily involved in charity work within the medical industry. Often having to drive to meet new people and places to pickup and drop off creative supplies with non contact conditions. Throughout this phase she adored peace, the visual and dramatic change that the restrictions had on the roads and the streets of her hometown, Brisbane, in Australia.

Her piece began in a workshop in Melbourne with Val Goodwin many moons ago, but became re-envisaged after travelling along the peaceful banks and roadsides of the beautiful Brisbane river, the lifeblood of her town. She didn’t feel she needed a magic covid carpet, and counted her blessings that she had everything she needed, family, friends, sights, sounds and creativity in her own home.

Brenda Wood is a member of SAQA and OZQuilt network and resides in Brisbane Australia.


by Brenda Wood
Life BloodApplique, Acrylic Ink, Acrylic Paint, Textile markers, Commercial Prints, Hand Dyed fabric, Stencil cut shapes, Free motion stitch, Hand stitching Being an introvert meant that staying at home was quite a nice change for me.  And while I was pondering this challenge I dove into my creative cupboard and found amazing treasures. This piece began life in a Val Goodwin class and I loved it… because I love my hometown and the twisty waterways and bays that surround me. The clear waters of Moreton Bay have an amazing calming effect. Shorelines and wildlife, dancing bends, twists and turns. The Brisbane river is iconic and magical, the river is the lifeblood of the city and the bay. With Boats anchored my art lets me touch the waters once again.

Brenda has a creative mind, always finding inspiration in the sights, sounds and smells around her. Her love of the ocean often takes pride of place in her work, with bright colours and textures to the fore. She also often writes for textile magazines.

She has an online business in which she sells quilting and textile art products made by wonderful designers Including Lessa Siegele and Kathryn Harmer, at

and she blogs her at

Brenda Wood – Oceanmagiquarium
Detail – Oceanmagiquarium
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Come with us into our online gallery, Curated by Christine Seager, Presented by Artspaces. Your personal invitation awaits…

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