Flower & Bee Project- Printed Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stitchable images

Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stitchables are amazing.  I forgot that I had a roll in my studio and when I got called upon to donate a piece into a local fundraiser, I found an artquilt that needed attention….  and decided that images printed onto the Sulky Fabri-solvy was just the right answer… and as I had to do a demonstration at the event, I thought what better to demonstrate… So I printed and created this fabulous flower and bee image that I may turn into a postcard or a journal cover.

no drawing skills required..

If you have you always wanted to add wonderful images to your art quilts, sewn postcards, clothing, bags and more, but don’t have the drawing skills this product is for you! I have printed vintage images onto the amazing Sulky Self-Adhesive, Wash away stabilizer called Sticky Fabri-Solvy, that you can stitch over, then remove by rinsing.

click here to see the images on Etsy

This versatile fabric like product, allows you to draw by machine or hand stitching, over an image you may not have been able to attempt before. And if you want to add more colour, you can add a layer of fabric under the image to highlight elements of the drawing.

Once you have your printed image…
(see this blog post about printing your own images)

1: Trace the printed image if desired onto fabric and cut out shapes to be applied
2: Trim shapes and pull up the sticky fabri solvy from the backing paper
3: Position the applique under the solvy image between the solvy and the backing paper. Right side up (to sticky) and top shape first, background shape last.

  • 4: remove the backing paper and position on fabric as desired
  • 5: stitch as the image as desired. The soft fabric like material can be machine or hand stitched.

5: Optional: carefully remove excess solvy.

6: rinse with tepid or cool water and pat dry then leave on a towel or similar to dry

and Voila! That was the most fun I’ve had creating a image in ages! It was so easy !

I have these pre-printed images available on my Etsy store here:


or on my website here:


These are a selection of the images that are available as pre-printed fabri solvy kits.

Each kit contains a paper copy of the image for reference, the fabri-solvy image and an instruction guide.

You should try one today… It’s really a lot of fun!

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