Gift tags with a personal touch…

This year I thought I would try something different from adorning my presents with the pre-printed Christmas gift tags!

I decided to give them the personal touch after being inspired by a clever old school friend of mine.  I spotted a photo of her Christmas tree on FB with her presents wrapped and on them were black and white photos of the recipient… what a clever idea…

So I decided to take on the idea and expand it a little…


To do this I started with a blank document in Word, changing the margins to the narrowest setting and added a table.  3 columns wide and several rows deep.  The 2 end columns were wide enough to fill most of the page, while the centre column was made small.  It will form the spacer between the photos.

2sewtextiles 1      20191219_094801

I dropped a funny photo of may awesome boys into each 2nd row in the left hand column and in the right hand column I pasted a photo of us… mum and dad.

Each tag had a different photo of each recipient and giver.

After sizing the photos to suit each tag I set the table lines to “none” and printed them out on single sided paper.

Once printed I cut them apart along each blank row and after a little trim, folded them in half (using the space made by the middle column).  I then used a glue stick to seal the deal!  Alternatively you could leave the glue out and use the middle to write a lovely message.

20191219_095000.jpgA hole punch and attached to the parcels ribbon or stuck with tape directly to the present and I think my presents now have a little extra magic!

Pretty cool huh! This would work great for birthdays too!

What do you think ?20191220_093100.jpg


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