17 Degrees of separation – The diversity of distance – the collaboration

17 Degrees of Separation: The Diversity of Distance

Collaborating is a great way to get to know more about other textile artists, how they approach their work, their techniques, where they draw their inspiration from – and a great way of reaching new audiences.

With that in mind, and as the wife of a proud Kiwi, I am thrilled to be part of the first RATG collaboration, with some new friends at COOTS from across the ditch!

Reddy Arts 17 Degrees of Seperation Pieces - Coots challenge.jpg

Named for the 17 degrees of latitudinal difference between us, this collaboration is all about exploring our neighbourhoods and environment, and anything and everything that both unites and separates us – all done through 40cm by 40cm textile art.

As you probably already know, Reddy Arts Textile Group (RATG) is a group of fabric artists from the blue-skied coast of Brisbane. What you probably don’t know is that, in this instance, COOTS is not a familiar bird, but rather the Central Otago Outside The Square textile artists who hail from way down inland on the South Island of New Zealand.

Friendly rivals and stalwart supporters, New Zealand and Australia have always shared strong ties with lots of similarities, and even more differences. Through rivalry comes camaraderie and we have never let anything get in the way of a good rugby match or uniting on the battlefield – and the same competitive mateship can be found amongst our artists. I am a big believer that sharing knowledge and experiences helps to keep our ties close and fosters our appreciation.

Having a special relationship with New Zealand myself, I am especially excited about this collaboration that spans from one side of the ditch to the other.

The project came about after a bit of light reading and significantly more stalking! After reading the RATG feature in an Australian textile magazine, I noticed there was also a New Zealand group who were very similar – and now that I have hunted down our comrades in art we have a fun project in which to share and explore our talents!

The exhibition will be displayed in October 2019 at the Brisbane Quilt show, in March 202 at Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne and in New Zealand.


Photos to come of the inaugural combined exhibition hanging !


To see the works of the Coots members check out my blog post.

To see the work of the Reddy Arts members check out the blog post.

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