Ring Cycles: Making Friends with “Stitchin’ Friends”

Recently Teresa from Stitchin’ Friends contacted me about the RING CYCLES pattern she purchased from me at 2 Sew Textiles.

She told me that she had won a prize at her regional show and that the quilt was a 70th birthday gift to her dear brother, named appropriately “JACK”.



Teresa’s version is amazing.  And more amazingly, she changed the method of construction and hand pieced it using traditional English paper piecing.

She then hand quilted it with a “big Stitch”.  Amazingly She finished the quilting in just one month and attributes it to using Perle 8 cotton.


“..since the quilt is entirely pieced by hand, it seems fitting to hand quilt it as well.  I am doing big stitch quilting with #8 Perle cotton and thoroughly enjoying the process. “


She adds a tip that to avoid confusion with putting the blocks on the corner, she puts a clip on the triangle that forms the corner.

via Stitchin’ Friends

The Ring Cycles quilt can be purhased here: Ring Cycles 

Teresa has lots of lovely posts about her wonderful quilts.


Why not stop by and say hello.. perhaps you will make Stitching Friends too.



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