Spectrum Arts in Dalby

Spectrum arts, a newly formed connection of textile artists from Brisbane’s Northern suburbs got together when they got the opportunity to acquire the Gallery space at Gallery 107 in Dalby, Queensland.

The gallery space is absolutely wonderful and Spectrum arts decided to FILL it with their works, both new and old.   Journeys became the exhibition title which accurately depicted the creative differences and paths of our respective art careers.

The 3 Spectrum Artists, Alison Charlton, Kim Boland and Brenda Wood were accompanied by incredible displays from Sue Duffy and Diane Flint.
Additionally 2 touring exhibitions were displayed.
Australia Wide 5 by members of Oz Quilt Network and Coastal Threads, a collection of works curated by Caroline Sharkey.

Close up photos of the amazing Australia Wide 5 quilts can be found here.


As a local focus we decided to create a DDD display, which would depict scenes from the local Darling Downs and Dalby areas.  The small works were 8″ square and each artist created 6 of them.


Our DDD display of 6″ works depicting the Darling Downs and Dalby area

They were a great way to unite the artists and to highlight the respective styles of each artist.

Alison Charlton’s topics were local crops depicted in Shibori.  Kim Boland chose to represent the local crops in an abstract applique fashion. Sue Duffy Created the local birdlife and Di Flint’s couching was superb in her local landscapes. I chose to portray local sunsets which I found via social media.  Full permission was sought from the photograph owners which was a wonderful experience in itself!


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