Ring Cycles Quilt by Houston Quilt Bee

Isn’t this fabulous!  and even better it’s a raffle fundraising quilt by the Cut-Ups, a Houston based Quilting bee.  So if you are in Houston (2016) you can purchase your tickets and possibly even take it home the same day !  If you are lucky that is! (Update: This is a past raffle – I do not know who the winner was, sadly it was not me.)

This version of Lessa Siegele’s Ring Cycles pattern, which is a variation of the Jacks Chain Block, was made by the Houston Guild and quilted by Rhonda Dort (see more of the quilt and read the wonderful story on www.RhondaDort.com 

“It measures approx. 62×90″. I didn’t make this quilt top, that honor belongs to my guild Bee, the Cut-Ups. This quilt will be our donation to the Guild (Quilt Guild of Greater Houston) for the Live Auction part of our 2017 Quilt Show-Joy of Quilting. Planning to be in or around the Houston area the first weekend of May? You could own this quilt! Our show is Friday and Saturday, May 5-6th at The Stafford Center in Southwest Houston.

For more information go to:  Quilt Guild of Greater Houston “

from http://www.Rhondadort.com

To purchase a copy of the Ring Cycles Pattern click here: Ring Cycles / Jack Chain  

For more information about this quilt go to:  Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

Source: Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Ring Cycles Quilt by Houston Quilt Bee

  1. Fantastic, l would love to own this quilt,but as l live in France ,l am unable to enter,but best of luck to the winner


  2. AWESOME quilt! I saw it on Pinterest and followed the link to your page to see more of it – and the quilting is awesome, too! Please pass my compliments to your guild that made it (and to you for your quilting). Whoever won that quilt is SO lucky!


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