Exhibition of old – 3 Piece Suite

The trouble with putting writing efforts into a group like my textile art group (Reddy Arts) is that my own blog suffers.  I just realised that much of my own work is not here!  Perhaps I was shy in my past ! 😉

This exhibition was part of a textile exhibition called 3 Piece Suite.  It was held at our local gallery in Redcliffe, North of Brisbane.

The aim was to create 3 pieces, one a wall hanging, one a 3d piece and one free choice!

I created 2 sets..



Smart Coral by Brenda Wood

Mixed materials- wool, stretch fabric, solvy, stitching, felt, paint, starch


Leafy Sea Dragon by Brenda Wood

Whole cloth painted with inktense pencils and stitched


Parrot by Brenda Wood

felt cut, painted and reverse applique


and Oceania TOO!

which featured my love of jellyfish

It was a great exhibition and pushed many of us with boundaries.




Details shots…

Some photos thanks to Bob Dennis… xx

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