Textile Art Challenge: The Bedsheet Challenge

Have you been looking for a challenge for your Art Quilting or Textile Art group? Do you want a push towards art practices rather then a commercial cut and restitch of fabrics? Well the Bed Sheet challenge could be perfect for you!

* Take a white single bed sheet. (Cotton)
– or similar fabric ie: white homespun or Calico

* Create a Textile Art Piece 60cm x 60cm (24in x 24in)

* Rules: NO commercially coloured fabric to be used anywhere on the front.
– (inc binding)

Simple hey !!!

Challenging ?? yes !!!


Techniques to try:

  • Shibori
  • dye and cut and weave
  • apply felting wool
  • hand dye
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Zentangle stitch
  • dye and rip and stitch
  • dye and cut and applique
  • draw
  • dye and confetti
  • Stamp
  • fabric manipulation
  • Bead
  • Print it
  • &  anything else ?  if you have a suggestion please comment below!


Ideas to try:

  • Landscape
  • abstract
  • fabric manipulated
  • weaving
  • embellished
  • printed whole cloth
  • any more ?


Here is a photo of my leafy sea dragon as inspiration… white fabric, inktense pencils and outline stitched.

leafy-dragon-medIMG_0632 or see my chameleon quilt using inktense pencils.

also see

Catherine McDonald My Quilt went to Antarctica ! – SAQA Blog Hop




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