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Crosshatch by Lee Vause

“Well, it was a rush, but l was very keen to get a benefit auction quilt done and off to SAQA by the due date and here it is! In recent times l have been busy with work (I teach teach and am a longarm quilter) and don’t normally get time to create Art Quilts for challenges or auctions. However, this is a great opportunity as a newish member of SAQA to get myself back into some form of Art Quilting and see where it takes me.

Lee Vause Crosshatch

Crosshatch by Lee Vause

I love the colour blue and having a mix of fabrics readily available in blue tones  was the perfect starting point. Then there was the need to come up with a simple design concept!   What better way than to use a crosshatch pattern, something that l quilt often as a professional Longarm Quilter and l then thought it relevant to link the simplicity of design to my teaching as a Certified Zentangle Teacher to Zentangle. In this regard who can guess the Zentangle Pattern that l might have had in mind?

The technique l used was very simple, starting with creating a quilt sandwich on my longarm quilting machine, cutting at random a mix of crosshatch strips, then weaving these strips onto the quilt sandwich in a crosshatch pattern in readiness for free motion quilting. A blue variegated thread was used for the quilting.

Lee Vause Close Up Crosshatch

Crosshatch detail by Lee Vause

As you can see by the photo l stitched the strips down very well!   Then I undertook the crosshatch quilting to match the weaved crosshatch strips. When l completed the surface design l cut the quilt down to the required size and opted to complete with a binding.

Overall l was happy with the end result, it was simple with a nice colour harmony and l loved the wispy look of the threads that added just another element of interest.”

You can read more about Lee Vause at her website
or visit her quilting service on FB  here
This blog post was part of the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Oceania region Blog hop.

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