Workshop with Karin Franzen!!!! Oh how I would love to do one.. does anyone have her contact details ?


This post was originally posted By Beadlust!  I found it when I was searching for Karin Franzen’s details.  Searching in vain I might add.   I would love to host a workshop in Australia with her… so Karen if you’re out there… 🙂


Karin Franzen is one of the most incredible Textile Artists I have seen!  Her work has such a beautiful quality to it.   Recently while trying to source a contact for Karin (her website seems to be unavailable)  I stumbled across this great post by Beadlust.


Robin Atkins was lucky enough to attend Karin’s workshop some years ago and writes about her experience in the class.  It’s a great read for Karin Lovers!

Source: Beadlust: Workshop with Karin Franzen!!!!


Karin Franzen, Egret, layers of organza under top (subject) layer

Karin Franzen workshop, step 1,trace photo to make value map

Karin Franzen workshop, demo, spraying solvy on organza as stabilizer


















Bead artist, Robin Atkins, writes about bead embroidery, beadwork, beads, the bead journal project and related art topics. See many beautiful pictures of beadwork by Robin and others.


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