3D Boxes by Lessa Siegele – Not just an Optical Illusion

It seems Lessa not only has a penchant for straight lines looking like circles (see Ring Cycles, straight round the bend and Flying in Circles…) but she also has a love of 3D and optical illusion quilts.

First we found Little Boxes in the archives.. now it’s 3D boxes!   This quilt pattern is fabulous.

It has 5 different ways of putting together triangles  to make 5 different versions of the 3D effect in the cube!  Brilliant!

I can’t wait for someone to make this in some modern colours!  If you do will you send me a photo?

The pattern has no Y seams! and uses a 60deg ruler, but if you don’t have one of those then there are templates included.


The pattern is available on Craftsy here

or on Etsy here

or on Payhip here 



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