Little Boxes – a 3D Illusion quilt

Long long ago, in the far away depths of Lessa’s hard drive, lived a quilt pattern quietly lying in wait to be brought out into the Modern Quilt movement!

After a request from one of Lessa’s past patchwork students who had made several versions of the quilt, but had since lost the pattern, Lessa fossicked through files and found LITTLE BOXES!

Showing it to me I knew it had to be listed!  Such a great pattern!

I loved the appeal of the little and big boxes, and the clever use of light, medium and dark fabrics really gives it a 3Dimensional effect.

It is the perfect quilt to make quickly and would be a great kids starter quilt.

Men and boys especially love the stepping stone effect the pattern makes.

Now all it needs is someone to make it in FRESH MODERN COLOURS !!!


Little Boxes

Get the Downloadable pattern on
Etsy here..

Craftsy here…  or on

Payhip  here !

Here are some other blog posts with Lessa Siegele’s LITTLE BOXES by

Judy Alcock of Bacchus Marsh Victoria

and these ones by Lyn Raysmith of Hunter Valley NSW

Which way is up and which way is upside down ???

Judy Alcock of Bacchus Marsh Victoria grp

If you’ve made a Little Boxes and would like to share your quilt email me! TWOSEWTEXTILES@YAHOO.COM.AU

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