Ring Cycles Pressing hints…

If you’ve purchased Lessa Siegele’s Ring Cycles pattern, or even if you haven’t… the following information may be of use to you.

In response to a query that Lessa had about how to press seams in the pattern… the following was her response….


Thank you for purchasing my pattern.  This has been a very popular pattern for me.    

When making the blocks I have pressed the seams from the triangle blocks

to the 9-patch blocks.  This makes less bulk and they sit flat.

  When pressing I press the triangle blocks from the back but then turn

the block over and press the centre hexagon from the top by placing the

iron straight down on top rather than pressing into the hexagon seam. 

By placing the iron straight down it lays flat and corrects any slight

errors in the sewing.  Sometimes this means you can find a little fold

in the hexagon seam which doesn’t show but makes it sit flat.  I use the

same method on any curve seams to make them sit flat.  I hope this makes

sense.  So much easier to demonstrate in class.

When sewing the rows together it does get bulky in some places which

can’t be avoided so I press to get the least bulk.

   cheers Lessa

Nope, that’s not Lessa ! 

Anyone that has ever met Lessa will tell you how lovely she is, and how approachable she is with tips and advice on quilting.  If you purchase her patterns you never need to be worried that you will be left wondering how to go about something!  Clear precise instructions AND she’s just an email away!

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