Humpback Whale – Art quilt step by step -design…

I’m starting a new art quilt and thought I’d show the process and share some of the thinking behind what goes into a Textile Art quilt.

The first thing is of course, the lightbulb moment.. The inspiration behind the compulsion to create. I’ve made the decision to  restrict my content rather than my style and have chosen to create textile art that relates to my environment and interests. (The thinking is to have a ” collection” of works, should I ever be lucky enough to have an exhibition!)

We are water people! Living around the beautiful Moreton Bay in Queensland, the blues and greens in my surroundings are stunning.

But the inspiration for this piece came from a television series … 

There is a large mosaic mural in the background of some scenes and I just love it! So I paused the Tv and took a quick pic and have been developing the idea ever since!

I’ve drawn, gathered, viewed and drawn some more and finally I’ve decided on my whale!

I think it’s important to be original in art… To trace a photo is somewhat uninspiring, drawing from photos however helps develop wonderful skills. I find I can draw that fin, use that tail, the colour from that photo etc etc. never using just one photo as a reference. ( & if I do its with permission).

After drawing my designs on paper, I trace them onto thin plastic. 

I use lightweight book cover plastic. It’s cheap, easily stored and is fold forgiving!


Then I use an overhead projector to resize the image to the correct dimensions!

I love using plastic!! It lets me reverse images easily, acts as a placement template and by using multiple layers I can add or remove elements, previewing them before committing to the design! 

My whale and swirl designs on overlaid seperate pieces above.

The overlay moved to the side below.


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