Dying to Eco Dye !

IMG_2088Judy Kennedy is an extraordinary person to know.  I’ve had the pleasure of being a participant in 2 workshops run by her now and they are still the most informative, entertaining and productive workshops I have had the pleasure of attending.

Judy Eco Dyes!

Her preferred media is paper, but this time around we threw some fabric into the mix as well.

The outcomes are divine!  The colours textures and patterns, from locally sourced flora and fauna and this time we even put vegetables in the pot!

12 of us attended a workshop at Judy’s home in Caboolture and the cost for the whole day with everything supplied was only $300!

Judy can be contacted on yabagud@gmail.com and she lives in Brisbane Australia.

2 thoughts on “Dying to Eco Dye !

  1. Brilliant workshop for anyone wanting to learn eco dyeing and doesn’t know where to begin. Judy also has beginner kits for sale to help get you started at home after the class. She provides very comprehensive information on how to proceed.


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