Copyright Notice….

Recently while wording up some sewing patterns for 2Sew Textiles, I had to ponder the predicament of a Copyright statement.

I researched others views, read some notices and found most of them either easy to ignore or brusque!

So I decided to use the following.  I think it says what it needs to say in a much nicer, more respectable way.. and hopefully has more impact on the user.

If you think this would work for you…I’m more than happy for you to use this too!

The Author reserves all rights. © Brenda Wood 2015 We respectfully request that you consider the designer’s efforts and years of experience that have enabled this pattern to be produced. We encourage you to share your love of art / quilting, but please do not copy or loan the pattern.
Additional copies can be purchased by contacting or the designer directly.
We thank you for your understanding.

Lolly Scramble web

Images courtesy of Sue Duffy “Lolly Scramble”. Pattern available from 2Sew Textiles

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