Safari Slumbers by Sue Duffy

She’s done it again!  Sue is just incredible.  She is one of those people that thinks it up and then just does it!

Sue needed a cot quilt for a new family edition and the parents had Bright colours and a dotty carpet as their decor, so Sue just whipped this little beauty up!Safari Slumbers by Sue Duffy

Here is the finished quilt with it’s bubble quilting and zebra stripes in the border.  The Triangle border is a rainbow of colours and the floating bubbles can be places wherever the maker wants!  Safari Slumbers quilt copyI do love the look on the Lion’s face don’t you?

Sue creates patterns under “Sue Duffy Designs” and  blogs here at I’d Rather be Quilting (Click Here)

This irresistable pattern is available from Etsy (Click here)

and Craftsy (click here) 

Safari Slumbers by Sue Duffy

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