Kids Quilting

Don’t you love it when kids craft!  When my boys get painting, cutting and sewing, which I will admit they have not done for awhile (ahhh teenagers!) I get a little soft!
I love to see that kids, especially boys get the freedom to explore the other side of their brain and their heart. Having my kids, each in their turn, sit on my knee and steer fabric under the needle while creating something from fabric give me a smile still!

When Lorraine Cocker talked to me recently, she told me about her grandson, James who was 12, taking to the sewing machine for his mum in hospital!
I just had to share…

My oldest grandson James [12 at the time] stayed with us whilst his mum underwent surgery and he came in the door saying ‘I want to make mum a quilt’. Well bless him we decided we might have enough time to make a table runner. He used a Charm pack sorting out the colours on the design wall and pieced the squares together. I drew a simple flower pattern and he appliquéd some white flowers on the runner. He learned how to stitch-in-the-ditch and I bound it for him. He was so proud of his gift for his mum, and she was delighted with his effort.

Lorraine's Grandson - James Cocker ages 12

Lorraine’s Grandson – James Cocker ages 12

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