Thingamy Bag!

Thingamy bag 2

Ever needed a bag to carry your Thingamy’s  or your whosimawhatsits ?  well this is the bag for you!

Designed by Lorraine Cocker the Thingamy bag is what she takes to her workshops.
It takes her sewing machine feet, bobbins, machine needles and other bits and pieces.  It has clear vinyl pockets so everything is easy to see and great little flaps to hold things in place.  Then it folds up and looks great!

Thingamy Bag

IMG_2437 Thingamy Bag 2SewThe thingamy bag is available from 2SewTextiles on Etsy   and 2Sew Textiles on Craftsy


2 thoughts on “Thingamy Bag!

  1. Very neat! I think I might need one of these!! I believe it would fit into my machine cover pocket – the gadget box that came with my machine does not fit , so I have to carry it separately – such a nuisance. This looks like a must to make!


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