QuiltCon Recap: Day 1

While I cannot get there in person, this post from MCG is the next best thing!

The Modern Quilt Guild

Day one of QuiltCon opened with a bang — crowds assembled long before 10 a.m., and attendees clamored to be the first to glimpse the award-winning quilts and attend their demos, lectures, workshops and more. Here’s a glimpse of the beautiful show floor on QuiltCon Day 1.

york_iquiltTOG Our Best in Show winner, Kathy York with her masterful “i Quilt.”

QC_day1 (1 of 1)-2 Demos were popular on the show floor today — this crowd gathered to see Beth Rowan of Rock Paper Scissors talk about “Sew Many Substrates.”

QC_day1 (1 of 1)-3 The Cotton + Steel booth was buzzing with attendees making headbands, pincushions and buttons.

QC_day1 (1 of 1)-4 “Face #1” by Melissa Averinos — Quilter’s Choice, Janine Vangool

QC_day1 (1 of 1)-5 The tattoo booth is already filling up with people getting their QuiltCon tats!

QC_day1 (1 of 1) “Emergent” by Kari Vojtechovsky — 3rd Place, Piecing

QC_day1 (1 of 3) “Stock on Hand” by Katherine Jones— 2nd Place, Bias Strip Quilting Challenge

QC_day1 (2 of 3) “CPU” by Katherine Jones — 1st Place, Bias Strip Quilting Challenge

QC_day1 (2 of 10) “Modern Mojo 2” by Linda Thielfoldt

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2 thoughts on “QuiltCon Recap: Day 1

  1. I saw these on the Modern Quilt Guild blog, but noticed today that the “Modern Mojo” quilt looks like a different color to me today (green). I checked back on the other blog and I see green there again, but the other day I saw off white. Kind of like that blue and black dress I guess, although I thought that dress was blue and brown.

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