Cute Pin Cushion or “Oh mum! don’t stab the cat!”


I had a photo of our cat “Flash” printed onto fabric and as I’ve included him in my give-a-way (starting 25th January), I thought it was finally time to do something with him, rather than just have him lounge around!

So I made a quick pin cushion to keep me company when my fingers are itching to stitch!

IMG_1908 I took two bits of fabric for the back and ironed a foldover hem into one side of each.  I like to use a metal ruler for this.  it gives a lovely straight edge (just remember the ruler will get hot so don’t touch it where it’s been heated!)


Then with right sides together I placed them on the cat print, overlapping the folded ends.


Turn it over and pin around “Flash” leaving as much extra around him as you’d like.
When you have gone all the way around, remove the pins and check how he looks by turning him the right way out using the gap in the backing fabric.  When you are satisfied that there are not too many points and that his whiskers are intact, turn him back to the wrong way and trim.  He is then ready to be turned the right way and stuffed!

I ironed the edge one he was stuffed to smooth out the seam.  Pin the gap in the back together and hand stitch it closed!

If you don’t want your kids to tell you not to put pins in him, he makes a lovely couch companion too!


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