Free Antique Images

You never know what you stumble upon on the the net – even within your own blog!
Who said housekeeping was boring! I obviously had not cleaned up my blog in awhile, and today I found a post from long ago about Images from the British library.  No tags, No Categories, no follow button!, comments turned off! ( and I wonder why i never had followers or comments!

Anyway, to the point… LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!

These images, prints, drawings and wood block carvings are copyright free!

Check out the link from the British Museum on Flicker.

11064558366_17da3b3e9f_o 11065428254_7a085b187a_o

Isn't this beautiful!

Isn’t this beautiful!


I just love this poor guy's face. He's a tiger!

I just love this poor guy’s face. He’s a tiger!


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