Bellbird Take #2 Step by Step Part 3


It’s coming together!

I’ve added the backing fabric and I’m sewing around each letter.  I’ve decided to use Double Threads through the needle as I wanted a variegated effect, but as most of the threads change colours unevenly or too evenly, I prefer using 2 threads through the needle.
IMG_1589 IMG_1590

I really like the thickness and texture that this provides.

I will be threading the ends in so until them I end up with a birds nest!


Threading in gives the quilt a much better look and feel, which is perhaps not visible to the eye, but it seems better constructed.

I use a needle with an open end, an easy threading needle which allows me to slot the threads in rather than threading them through the eye.

Bellbirds take 2 part 1 blog post

Bellbirds take 2 part 2 blog post

6 thoughts on “Bellbird Take #2 Step by Step Part 3

  1. Looks wonderful! I keep my easy thread needle, thimble and scissors very handy and sew the tails in as I go! Helps control that bird’s nest, and keeps the threads out of the way of the stitching…. 🙂 just saying!


    • Yep! And the blocks! I like them, but of the two prefer the blocks! However that could be because I’m not a fine artist, ie: I wouldn’t use then to draw a bird, but I would use them to put the colour in after!


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