Rajah Quilt Revisited – Lessa Siegele

Rajah Revisited Quilt

Lessa Siegele’s Replica Rajah Quilt Pattern

Rajah Revisited Centre Detail Rajah Revisited Detail In 2007, Lessa received the coveted Rajah Award, which prompted her to make her own version of the iconic Australian quilt.

Rajah Revisited Centre Chris

This version of Lessa’s Rajah quilt has a different centre by Chris

While the original quilt is held in the National Gallery of Canberra and is 126” square, Lessa’s quilt is 63” square, and after many requests she wrote to the gallery and with permission has written a pattern.

Rajah replica detail by Kay.

Rajah replica detail by Kay.

The pattern, is now available as a digital download and has been very popular both here and in the USA.  It can be machine pieced or English Paper pieced.  The pattern, which has great instructions has directions for both.  Applique is a component of the pattern’s centre, but Broderie Perse or a panel could be used as well.

The Rajah Quilt Pattern is the Quilt Show’s block of the month for 2016. Due to this the pattern is not available at www.2SewTextiles.Etsy or Craftsy.  for 2016. To enquire further please email Brenda at TwoSewTextiles@Yahoo.com.au To read more about Lessa Click here.

13 thoughts on “Rajah Quilt Revisited – Lessa Siegele

  1. Wow, just doing a bit of further research on my great, great, great grandmother Sophia Grantham, one of the convict women who worked on the Rajah quilt. How exciting to see that the work continues to be honoured by an Award. And that a contemporary pattern is available. Not my skill set unfortunately but I admire the work.


    • Hello J Mary, thanks for stopping by! It’s lovely to know someone with a connection to the quilt!
      Did you get to see it ? (it was touring Australia) I think I have the pamphlet, I can post it if it’s of interest.
      The quilt is now also the 2016 block of the month pattern for The Quilt Show which is a huge deal!


      • Hi Brenda
        Thanks for responding. Yes, I have seen the quilt. Twice in fact: once in Canberra and again in Brisbane at the Qld Art Gallery. It was a great achievement but also fantastic that it was found after being lost for so long. Keep up the good work … and upholding the tradition. All the best Judy

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  2. I have been trying to get this pattern so a block of the month would be fantastic. Is there a link available or do you need to be a member to access it?


  3. Like J Mary, I too am a descendant of a Rajah convict, Grace Stevens. I live in the UK but managed to see the quilt several times when it was on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2010. I spoke at one of the V&A workshops held to celebrate their exhibition.
    I still give talks to local groups about Grace, her connection to the quilt and her life in Tasmania, in fact I am off to do a talk tonight!
    How I wish I could see it again, maybe the next time I visit Australia and 2 other descendants of my Rajah ancestor. One lives in Tasmania, Bernadette Dewhurst-Phillips and one in MSW, Ruth Coomber.


    • How lovely to have someone comment from the UK.. The true beginning of the Rajah story.

      There are a whole new generations of Rajah’s being created with this years choice of The Quilt Show (USA) block of the month too. History lives on…
      I hope you can come and see it again too!


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