Quilt Marking – What to Use What to Steer Clear of … Blue Line Erasable White Pen

Karen Marchetti used the white water soluble pen available from Blue Line Eraser to mark her “White Lines” quilt. She tested it on the fabric prior to use, and found that although it was a bit stubborn it did go away. After marking and stitching the quilt, she soaked it well, laid it out to block it and found that after taking a photo of her black quilt, no marks were visible.
Then, taking another photo, this time with the flash on, she was surprised that the flash revealed the marks were still on the quilt even after washing and blocking her quilt. She returned it to the wash and scrubbed it, but her efforts only smudged the marks further over the quilt. A user suggested washing with Synthrapol, but as the quilt had to be put in a competition this was not tested.
She contacted Blue Line who were very diligent in coming up with a resolution. They offered her products and ideas to try, but in the end the white of the marking pen had smudged all over the black fabric of her quilt.

To the naked eye this was not evident, but under flash the smudged pen was very obvious.
In the end Karen used black Shiva sticks to paint over the black fabric. The wonderful quilt has gone on to win prizes and be featured on The Quilt Show.
Here is the link to the full story…http://karenmarchetti.blogspot.com.au/search?q=Pen

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