Fabric Creation Challenge – Windy

This months fabric creation topic was Windy!
These little challenges are great to try out new techniques that have popped up along the way.
I decided I’d try school glue resist with this topic. So I drizzled the washable school glue over calico and let it dry for about 24 hours.
Then I painted a light blue screen printing ink over the whole piece.

When that was dry, I used an old credit card to scrape a thin layer of more glue sideways across the fabric in sweeps.
Dark blue screen printing ink was then applied over the whole piece.
I had hoped to create a sky with streaks and a windy line running across it. I almost succeeded.

Getting the glue off was tricky! I had to heat set the paint first then soak the piece in hot water and peel and rub off the glue. The inks definitely lost their intensity which was a shame, but I did end up with a piece that I could use as a backdrop with interesting layered blue.

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