Silk Painted Art book cover

I was finally brave enough to use a piece of silk that I painted in a Liz Heber (AUST) class years ago!


The piece was free drawn using different methods and tools, hence i didn’t think it quite “neat” enough to use as a standalone piece, even though I loved the colours and design of Eucalypts and Gumnuts.  An annual present swap with my art group, Reddy Arts always brings the opportunity to make a present for someone selected at random.  This time I got Kate Watson, a newish member to our group who hails from the UK and is a water colourist.

Thinking that the fluidity of the silk colours and the Australiana theme might appeal, I stitched the silk to batting, added a wrapped cord and hand dyed silk cocoon and used a favourite coconut shell button (that I bought in Adelaide from the most fabulous button shop that I have ever been into!)

Kate loved it !

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