I was recently asked why I do what I do! 

So I had to think about it, but not for very long.  I think the reason I create (currently in the realm of Textile Art), is because Art is subjective, topics or colours may not appeal to onlookers, but creativity is not.  It’s fulfilling.

Anytime spent creating is never wasted.
Even if I don’t like the end result, I like the process. 

Remember the old saying “idle hands lead to an idle mind”, there is a direct correlation between the constant movement of hands and mental alertness.  Just think of Nana clacking away on her knitting needles, while holding fort on a political or social viewpoint 

We can fill our minds with business dealings, play computer games for fun or go for a run, but there is no end result to view – no milestone in a 3D form.

Even a golf game, awesome for mind, body and sociality – leaves nothing to show to others next week, or next year.  Spruiking about your handicap is great, but does not have a tangible outcome that you can show the grandkids, or hang on a wall.  Which isn’t even the reason I create. 

Most of my stuff gets put in a draw.  But every now and then I sit on the floor; open that draw and have a look.  Some of it’s not as bad as I thought.  Sometimes I even impress myself.  Then I close the drawer, walk away and put a load of washing on.  Another one!

So, so what if I don’t create with artistic merit – I create, therefore I achieve therefore I have merit.  Creativity helps me find out who I am, what colours I am, what form I take, be it clay, yarn, ink, charcoal or fabric, what topics I choose to portray – it all says something about who I am.  And this doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but that’s okay, cause it’s only me I’m trying to please.

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter what others think too much.  It matters what I think, and if I like it, and I’ve found that if I like it, usually others do too.

A lot of art and craft has missed a generation with many people unable – or unwilling, to thread needle and sew on a button, but the old crafts are being brought back to life, not because they were dying, but because the are being looked at with fresh eyes, and a no rules approach.  Felters’ and Crochets’ for instance are creating the most incredible garments and vessels.  It seems that new thinking has adapted the craft rather than a craft being restricted to Knit 1 Purl 1 repeat to end.  New advances in material have expanded the limits of today’s crafts.  The availability and range of yarns for example makes even the most basic scarf wild and interesting.

Todays Society is so much about instant gratification, that we’ve gotten used to the instant mental and emotional fix too – J LOL.  But the merits of having something tangible, something that lasts longer than an instant is gratifying on a different, longer lasting scale. 

I find so many achievements in creativeness. My milestones, my goals that I try to reach and attain.  To one day call myself “artist” and believe it!  To draw a portrait and have it resemble that person in a non deformed way, to finish something that I like. 


I used to say I couldn’t draw, now I say, I’d like to be able to draw better. Everyone who can hold a pencil can draw. 

I used to say that I could never be an artist. But a friend of mind said that an artist is someone who creates and thinks independently.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Creativeness is so easy. Just start.

I hear people say “I can’t”, I don’t think they want to! 

I do want to – So I do – simple really.

Try this – Pick up a black pen, a cheap but small journal book, available everywhere.*  Or you kids leftover page from a school art book and look up Zentangles.  Find one you like, that has a good step-by-step diagram and give it a go.  ‘Cause art and creativity are non biased.  It doesn’t care what form it takes.  Just that it does!

So what do I do ? I don’t make Art – I create.  And if what I create turns out to be art, then that’s an added bonus!

*if you buy an expensive book, you wont want to use it in case you ruin it, and big can be daunting, small is achievable.

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